Legal Action Threatened – Part 1

Today my mother-in-law received the email below from one of Stan Cottrell’s business associates. It threatens legal action.

I am so glad that someone is finally prepared to do this. If they move forward, the truth about Mr. Cottrell and his activities will be revealed in court for all to see. It will be made part of the public record.

Mr. Cottrell sat in my dining room in front of my whole family and asked our permission to take my mother-in-law with him on a trip around the world.

I can’t wait to testify in court as to what he said in our home. *****************************************************************************

Dear Ms. Smith,                                                                                                                               We have received your disturbing and inflammatory email, clearly designed to damage Stan Cottrell.  I have personally known Stan and Carol since 1989 or 1990 and I find a number of your accusations patently false–from your averement of “no pot to piss in” (a vulgar expression that I have trouble reconciling with your “God Bless” statement at the end of your message) to your identifying their vacation homes and Lexus automobiles in amazing contradiction in the same email.  Your credibility and motives are highly suspect.

We have conducted several business transactions with Stan Cottrell over the years.  We have NEVER had anything that might suggest dishonesty or questionable behavior.  We have seen numerous acts of integrity and candor that cannot be reconciled with your email.

Therefore, we have turned this matter over to our corporate legal counsel for a thorough investigation.  If it was your aim to hurt Mr. Cottrell, you have succeeded.  Mr. Cottrell has a role to play on some of our projects and word has already come back that we may lose the funding contract (by notice of rescission) based solely upon your charges made against Mr. Cottrell last week.  If this happens, you shall be held legally accountable for your “tortuous interference with [our] ongoing business relationships.”  Our firm had never paid any money to Mr. Cottrell in advance of a successful performance; he has never asked us or our clients to put up “at risk” funds.  Our company stands to make more than $200,000 in mortgage brokerage fees should the contract proceed, but that is now seriously in question.  Our counsel suggests that your actions are significantly outrageous to give us rise to a claim of action under Georgia law.  Further, the stated reason for our client backing away is “a troubling email I received from a Peggy Smith concerning Mr. Cottrell.”

We have conducted a preliminary investigation into your accusations.  We have reason to believe you may have a history of failed relationships starting with four or five husbands over the years, and with the current live-in relationship of a man seven years your junior and not your husband.  We have also reason to believe their is a loan agreement between Mr. Cottrell and you that suggests the repayment date of the loan (you contend you were “scammed”) has not yet matured.  If these two sets of facts prove to be true, then we shall use this in our court action against you for injunctive relief and damages which are clearly in the $200,000-plus range.  We are informed that if we obtain punitive damages, the judgment is NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy.

If our preliminary investigation information is incorrect, I am willing to receive from you any documents, photographs, voice recordings, and other tangible evidence you contend support the unsolicited email that you have sent out and has caused this firm such harm.

As a business woman and president of Platinum Business Group, Ltd, I am troubled that any responsible person would send out such an inflammatory written communication to strangers under any circumstance.  But to see from your own pen that you have been friends with Carol and Stan Cottrell for thirty years and then write such a vicious communication escapes any sense of decency, propriety or appropriateness.  Did you not consider how humiliating such a writing is on Carol Cottrell–a woman not in the throws of some divorce as you allege?  She’s devastated.  And now when going to church has to be confronted with all kinds of questions and rumors.

Ms. Smith, I insist that you come forth with substantiation and documentation of your accusations against Mr. Cottrell.  If you cannot, then I expect to receive a complete retraction of your email and its implications.  The only remaining alternative is legal action; we can and shall protect the business interests of our company and its clients–a company with a national presence and transactions in a number of states.  We have two sets of legal counsel–our East Coast and West Coast legal counsel–who are on retainer and prepared to represent us as requested.

Govern yourself accordingly,


Marijean Stallings                                                                                                                 President and CEO                                                                                                                Platinum Business Group, Ltd.






2 thoughts on “Legal Action Threatened – Part 1

  1. Don’t worry Ms. Peggy! The truth is coming out for all to see! He will be stopped from hurting so many people. I stand by you and will continue to do so.
    Marian Crocker

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