"This Guy Needs To Be Stopped"

As told to me by Dr. Joseph Resnick.


About 2 months ago Stan Cottrell friended me on Facebook.

I couldn’t believe that he wanted to be my “friend” after everything he has done to me and my family. I sent him an irate message letting him know I was coming after him.

I had no idea he was trying to raise money for a worldwide run, or that he was taking money from unsuspecting women. I thought he was just involved in investment scams.

My involvement with him began about 8 years ago thru his affiliation with BICO, Inc. I owned 50% of one of the company’s subsidiaries. I also served as chief scientist and I developed new products for the company. Stan had been brought into BICO as a board member and then served as CEO after Fred Cooper stepped down.

I had $8 million invested in the company and lost it all through fraud that was perpetrated by Stan and others at the company. Fred Cooper was the only one who was convicted of a crime. And his sentence was essentially a slap on the wrist.

These people did more than take my money. They also stole from my children.

My children own the holding company that owns my patents, and through the actions of unscrupulous lawyers my patents got tied up in the courts when BICO’s lawyers filed for bankruptcy.

Stan’s job was to keep me at bay while they stole the patents. He participated in the theft of my technology.

I developed encapsulation technology that uses biological agents to encapsulate oil. I developed it for peaceful means, to help clean the environment. It was used to clean up oil from the Exxon Valdeze oil spill.

Those who stole my technology are still trying to sell my products. They are attempting to weaponize my technology and sell it to other countries – they want to use it to deploy biological weapons. I have begun legal action against them for illegally using my patents and attempting to illegally export my products.

I am willing to appear in any court  – anytime, anywhere – and testify to what Stan did to me and my family. I hope he sues me for libel and slander so I can stand up in court and testify about what he has done.

When I first met Stan he came under the guise of the Lord. He wanted to start business meetings at BICO with prayer. After I realized what he was really up to, that he spends lots of time thinking about how to separate people from their money, he told me, “If the Lord didn’t want them sheared, he wouldn’t have made them sheep.”

I worked hard for every penny I have ever had. I can’t believe Stan Cottrell thinks he is entitled to the money others have earned through their own hard work.

He has taken money from a lot of people, and it’s a shame that more of them are not willing to come forward about their experiences with him. It’s a shame this has gone on for so long. Please express to your mother-in-law my condolences for her involvement with this guy, and my admiration for her willingness to come forward.

This guy needs to be stopped.

Dr. Joseph Resnick                                                                                                                 September 2, 2010


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