"He'll Lie To You"

As told to me by my 13 year old niece, Leslie Leonard, granddaughter of Peggy Smith.


I talked to Stan lots of times on the phone. I would be with my Mema and he would call her, and my Mema would ask me if I wanted to talk to him and I said, “Sure.” I talked to him on Skype, too, one time when my Mema was at my house.

He talked a lot about running.

My brother told him on Skype that he was going to run in a 5K. Stan told him he would come run with him, but he never did.

He told me he would come visit us, but he never did.

He told me he was going to put a pool in my Mema’s back yard so I could go swimming, but he never did.

He emailed me lots of scriptures to read and I read them. When I read them I thought he was a really good Christian person and he lived for God. Later on my Mema told me I wouldn’t be talking to him any more because he told lots of lies and stuff.

I asked her what he lied about, and she said, “Everything.”

If anybody ever asked me if it was okay to be his friend I would tell them not to because he’ll lie to you and make you disappointed.


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