"His Story Was Bullsh*t"

The comments below are from Col. Joseph Schlatter.

Col. Schlatter is retired from the United States Army. He is a Vietnam veteran who served as  Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Special Office for POW-MIA Affairs.


My, my.

I am a retired Army officer — you can find me at http://www.miafacts.org.

I served as Chief of Analysis, Director, and Deputy Director of various Pentagon offices dealing with the issue of American servicemen who remain missing in action in Southeast Asia as a result of the Vietnam War.

I don’t recall the details, but, at some point in the early 1990’s, Cottrell popped up claiming to have information about Americans who were being held prisoner in Vietnam — 25 years after the war ended.

As I recall, Cottrell claimed he was on a long-distance “run for peace” in Vietnam when Vietnamese military personnel stopped him from going past a certain area.  He also claimed to have seen people under guard who were rushed away when he noticed them.

We interviewed Cottrell and it was clear his story was bullsh*t.

Thanks to whoever posted this blog for finally exposing this liar for what he is.


The Tomorrow Run

When I met Stan Cottrell in 2009 he was promoting his Global Friendship Run, scheduled to begin in November of that year.

As November approached, Mr. Cottrell reported the run would be delayed. November came and went. Then there was news of even more delays. One of Mr. Cottrell’s numerous websites reflected a start date of spring 2010, and another site said June 2010.

Now a website promoting the run says it will begin in early 2011.

Another site says it will begin in June 2011.


November 2009.

Spring 2010.

June 2010.

Early 2011.

June 2011.

Perhaps Mr. Cottrell should call his run “The Tomorrow Run” because tomorrow never comes.