"His Story Was Bullsh*t"

The comments below are from Col. Joseph Schlatter.

Col. Schlatter is retired from the United States Army. He is a Vietnam veteran who served as  Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Special Office for POW-MIA Affairs.


My, my.

I am a retired Army officer — you can find me at http://www.miafacts.org.

I served as Chief of Analysis, Director, and Deputy Director of various Pentagon offices dealing with the issue of American servicemen who remain missing in action in Southeast Asia as a result of the Vietnam War.

I don’t recall the details, but, at some point in the early 1990’s, Cottrell popped up claiming to have information about Americans who were being held prisoner in Vietnam — 25 years after the war ended.

As I recall, Cottrell claimed he was on a long-distance “run for peace” in Vietnam when Vietnamese military personnel stopped him from going past a certain area.  He also claimed to have seen people under guard who were rushed away when he noticed them.

We interviewed Cottrell and it was clear his story was bullsh*t.

Thanks to whoever posted this blog for finally exposing this liar for what he is.


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